The new Simmons SF-7016 Stunner is specifically designed to properly stun small to large broilers, as well as turkeys, using Simmons patented combination of frequency and dual current. The Simmons’ technique will not only maximize the overall quality of the meat, but it will also increase your final yield.

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Accommodates birds of all sizes, including larger broilers and turkeys

Ensures proper saline level for accurate stunning

Available for use on plastic shackles

Accommodates birds of all sizes; will not rust or corrode.

Easy height adjustment for flock variation

With NEMA 4x stainless steel enclosure

For easy control and management of system

For use in any processing facility


The SF-7016 Stunner assures that the birds are stunned immediately upon contact to the water by using an insulated rump bar and breast bar. The newly designed SF-7016 cabinet uses metered saline solution which results in using less water and salt usage. SF-7016 address the USDA and CFIA issues for Animal Welfare.

Simmons SF-7016 accommodates all line speeds, and the modular construction allows for additional sections to be added without replacing the entire system. Simmons’ concept combined, with Simmons SK-5 Killing
Machine will result in the most efficient bleed out, and prevents the bird from recovery during bleeding.