Sales, Installation & Service

Simmons Engineering provides turnkey sales and service on the latest developments in slaughter technology for chickens, turkeys and ducks. Every machine is designed to improve production efficiency, and maximize results and overall product quality.

Simmons has a global reach, with stunning and killing systems installed on every continent except Antarctica. Regardless of location, an experienced member of our team supervises the installation of our poultry processing equipment to ensure accuracy. During this hands-on process, we assess the processing line, from beginning to end, making adjustments and recommendations to maximize efficiency.

We stand behind every piece of equipment we sell by offering responsive maintenance services. Our sales and service technicians are strategically located across the US and Canada, with techs to serve international customers as well, to provide quick and responsive maintenance services that minimize processing disruptions.

In addition, Simmons offers value-added benefits such as in-house blade sharpening and individual blade sales. We also have a stunner power pack exchange program aimed at quickly replacing your stunner power pack without an additional purchase.

With Simmons, you can expect:

  • Equipment design and manufacturing with a focus on quality
  • Value-added services such as in-house blade sharpening
  • Expert consultation and sales support
  • Precise installation
  • Responsive service and maintenance support, even on weekends and holidays
  • A team with decades of experience in poultry processing and manufacturing